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NOTE TO WATCHERS: If you're only watching the community, please think about joining us. Our stuff is members-only for a few reasons, so if you don't join, you can't see anything but the few public posts (the welcome, promo graphics, resources, and affiliates) that we put up when we started the comm. Some posts are made temporarily public, but eventually, they all get locked. We like to offer special activities and certain music exclusively for our lovely little family here, so please click "join this community" at the top of the page if you're interested in our music and graphic updates. Thanks and stay sexy, ladies and gents!

-- kim

P.S. If you do get around to joining, please feel free to stop by the name post and introduce yourself with a name or nickname, so that your fellow members and I will know how to address you! ;)
12 May 2008 @ 12:25 pm
Love our work and wondering how you can help us out? Use one of our handy dandy promo banners, created by Team Sexy or by our own lovely members to spread the word about our sexalicious comm! A thousand thanks in advance to anyone that lends us a hand in pimping out our humble home!

If you could please upload the banner(s) to your own server, that would be really great. Hotlinking will make me exceed my bandwidth, and all the images in the comm-tagged entries won't be viewable!

I love the smell of shameless promotion in the morning!Collapse )
12 May 2008 @ 12:23 pm
Our lovely affiliates include:

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If you have a graphics, music-sharing, icontest, or LIMS comm and would like to affiliate with us, please leave a comment stating so, and we'll add you as soon as we can. Thanks!
12 May 2008 @ 11:55 am

Welcome to sexy_mood_music! The idea for this comm sprang from a simple desire to cut out my bad habit of constantly spamming my flist with music and mood themes. That single wish led to a night of me tossing and turning in bed (no joke), thinking about how awesome it would be to start a comm of my own that would cater to diverse tastes in music and graphics. After about a week of rounding up a team of excellent makers, I've decided this comm doesn't belong to just me. It truly belongs to the entire crew of talented and dedicated people needed to make it work. On behalf of Team Sexy, I hope you enjoy the lovely gifts we shall bear for you starting today!

If you wanna say 'hi' to the team or let us know how you found our little corner of the LJ world, feel free to comment!